June 12, 2021

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COVID-19: Health reports 11 deaths and 42 confirmed cases

The Department of Health reported today 11 deaths by COVID-19, 42 confirmed cases, 11 probable cases and 20 suspected cases additional.

Of the reported deaths, nine were listed as confirmed and they are broken down below:

  • 73-year-old man from the Ponce region
  • 65-year-old woman from the Metro region
  • 89-year-old man from the Ponce region
  • 52-year-old woman from the Bayamón region
  • 56-year-old man from the Metro region
  • 76-year-old man from the Bayamón region
  • 93-year-old man from the Caguas region
  • 61-year-old woman from the Arecibo region
  • 62-year-old woman from the Metro region

In addition, two deaths listed as probable corresponding to two women 65 and 85 years old, from the Metro and Arecibo regions, respectively.

With these additional deaths, the confirmed deaths total 1,205 and the probable 251, so the total deaths is 1,456.

On the other hand, the total confirmed case results is 69,661, of which 37,477 are women and 32,184 are men. The reported cases are those that have a positive PCR test, with sampling date from 12 to 26 December. The total was adjusted after adding 354 cases with sampling dates from September 21 to December 2.

The report includes the results of the antigen testing, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States classify as probable cases. He total positive results in these tests is 3,997, which was adjusted after subtracting 12 cases that subsequently had a positive molecular test and were added to the confirmed cases reported in this report. In addition, 36 cases were added with sampling dates from October 30 to November 24. There are eleven additional probable cases reported, including samples taken from December 12 to 26. The distribution by gender is 2,204 women and 1,793 men.

As part of the report, 20 suspected cases additional, with sampling date that includes 12 to 26 December. These cases, by definition, are those that have a positive serological test. In this line, the total is 55,046 after subtracting 103 cases that had a positive molecular test and seven cases that had a positive antigen test and were added to the confirmed and probable cases, respectively, registered as part of this report. On the other hand, 565 cases were added with sampling dates registered between July 31 and December 9. The suspected cases are divided into 30,797 women and 24,249 men.

He dashboard Health adds that due to coronavirus there is 447 people hospitalized and 63,385 convalescent.

In addition, it indicates that there are 80 adult patients and one pediatric patient in intensive care by COVID-19. It also mentions that 93 adults are connected to a ventilator due to the virus.

People who are anxious about the coronavirus can call the Assmca PAS line to the 1-800-981-0023. Those with symptoms can contact the Health Department to the 787-999-6202.

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