July 29, 2021

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COVID-19: Health reports five deaths and 292 confirmed cases

The Department of Health reported today five deaths by COVID-19, 292 confirmed cases Y 117 probable cases additional.

The reported deaths were listed as confirmed. These correspond to a 74-year-old woman from the Mayagüez region, an 85-year-old woman from the Ponce region, an 85-year-old woman from the metro region, a 75-year-old man from the Bayamón region and a 84-year-old woman years of the Bayamón region.

With these additional deaths, the confirmed deaths add up to 653 and the probable 202, so the total deaths is 855.

On the other hand, the total of confirmed case results is 36,101, of which 19,456 are women and 16,645 are men. The total was adjusted after adding two cases with a sampling date of October 14 and 15. The reported cases are those that have a positive PCR test, with sampling date from October 22 to November 2.

Meanwhile, the 117 additional probable cases have sampling date from October 22 to November 2. In this line, the total is 33,315 after subtracting 19 cases that had a positive molecular test, later, and were added to the cases registered as part of this report. In addition, four cases were added with a sample collection date from June 14 to October 21. Probable cases are divided into 18,611 women and 14,704 men.

The dashboard Health adds that due to coronavirus there is 483 people hospitalized Y 31,182 convalescent.

In addition, it indicates that there are 60 adult patients in intensive care for COVID-19. It also mentions that 40 adult patients are connected to a ventilator due to the virus.

People who are anxious about the coronavirus can call the Assmca PAS line at 1-800-981-0023. Those with symptoms can contact the Health Department at 787-999-6202.

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