July 29, 2021

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Covid-19 Hospitalizations Increase to 121 | government

The Health Department reported in its 'dashboard' 121 hospitalized by the coronavirus on the Island, which represents an increase of 19 hospitalizations compared to yesterday's figure.

According to the agency's website, seven adults they are in an Intensive Care Unit, of which three are connected to an artificial respirator.

As of today, the country's health system has 2,976 beds for adults and 857 artificial respirators. 4,004 beds and 291 respirators remain occupied.

On Sunday, 99 people were being held in hospitals by Covid-19.

The increase in Hospitalizations occur as Covid-19 cases continue to rise on the island. In its most recent report, Salud reported 27 new cases confirmed with molecular testing (PCR). It also added nine results from cases whose sampling was carried out between April 30 and July 15.

The agency also added 41 probable cases, identified by rapid (serological) test, for a total of 5,808 infections. Two cases that had a positive molecular test between April 30 and June 24 were subtracted, as well as three duplicate cases.

Thus, the total number of infections identified on the Island amounts to 7,537.

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