June 12, 2021

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COVID-19 in Puerto Rico: Report 10 new deaths and 412 confirmed cases

Today’s Department of Health report reported 10 deaths from COVID-19; meanwhile, 412 confirmed cases, 123 probable cases and 426 additional suspected cases were registered.

A total of 421 people continue to be hospitalized for COVID-19 on the Island, of which 77 adults are in intensive care.

The Department of Health modified the way it reports coronavirus cases in Puerto Rico, which is why the breakdown of deaths by age and municipality of residence is no longer disclosed.

With these new cases, they now add up to 73,957 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 74,361 are women and 61,432 are men.

The new cases were counted with samples taken from December 19, 2020 to January 2, 2021.

The change in the number of deaths should not be interpreted as having occurred in the last 24 hours. Similarly, it is important to note that the death report may vary, as the processes of registration and codification of causes of death occur, which could take several days.


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