April 11, 2021

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COVID-19 makes it difficult for analysts … Dávila Colón says this is decided by the mobilization

Luis Dávila Colón, now has the portal Ojo Al Medio.

Listen to the new episode of the podcast Con Los Editores.

By Aiola Virella

Luis Dávila Colón, now has the Ojo Al Medio portal.

For years and years he has been accumulating data on political trends in the Island and has the file of all the electoral polls in the last decades, even so he assures that today there is no clear candidate the front neither in the primaries of New Progressive Party nor in those of Popular Democratic Party . The political analyst, Luis Dávila Colón points out that the COVID-19 altered the routines and strategies of the electoral campaigns, so that on August 9 the race will be defined by the participation of people in the voting exercise. If many people vote it suits some candidates, while low participation would benefit others.

On the factor of apathy and of consecutive changes of governments, the analyst pointed out that it responds to a structural failure beyond controversies or scandals over private candidates. We review candidate by candidate, the controversies raised at the time in the campaign.

And speaking of controversies, we discussed in the podcast With The Editors with Dávila Colón himself those that caused his departure from WKAQ 580. Currently the analyst distributes his analyzes on various digital platforms and has a portal ( www.ojoalmedio.com ) that he describes as an aggregator. What did he say about the campaigns, the candidates and the controversies that brought him out of commercial radio? Here you can listen to it.

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