June 12, 2021

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COVID-19 outbreak attended in Bayamón prison

The designated secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DRC), Ana Escobar Pabón, confirmed an outbreak of COVID-19 in module 1 of the Bayamón 501 correctional institution that affects 143 inmates.

The government official said that at the moment 141 of those infected are asymptomatic and two are confined in a hospital institution.

“I was notified of this situation this afternoon. The Physician Correctional report, in charge of medical services at the DCR, details that the situation was identified last Tuesday, December 28, when it was learned that a positive correctional officer had contact with five inmates. They all worked in the motor pool area of ​​the Bayamón correctional complex. These inmates had contact in turn with members of the population of module 1, for which molecular tests were carried out on all of them in the housing unit where they live. Today, we have this result and we work together with the Department of Health to maintain control ”, indicated Escobar Pabón.

The designated secretary explained that it is important for family members to know that the agency activated the current protocol and that all those affected are in isolation for the next 14 days and cared for by the institution’s medical personnel. In addition, he notified that molecular tests will be carried out to the rest of the correctional population in the Bayamón 501 institution and to security personnel and civilians who may be exposed.

As additional measures within the institution, Escobar determined the use of disposable containers to distribute food, the cancellation of transfers to and from the institution. In addition, civilian personnel will work remotely and we send additional protective equipment for employees to protect themselves from possible contagions.

Regarding the visits to the Bayamón 501 institution, the government official said that they are canceled in accordance with the current executive order and until the quarantine period is completed. He added that he made sure that Physician Correctional has staff active 24 hours a day to attend to any symptoms that the correctional population presents and prevent the virus from spreading to other institutions of the correctional system.

“I have made all the epidemiology personnel available to the Department of Correction to attend to the emergency and trace the route to follow to contain the infections. On the part of the Department of Health, they will have the tests and the necessary treatments to attend to the situation and guarantee the health of all in the correctional system ”, highlighted Dr. Carlos Mellado López, Secretary of Health.

“I thank the designated secretary of the Department of Health, Carlos Mellado and his team for their support today and throughout this process,” concluded Escobar Pabón.

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