June 14, 2021

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COVID-19 vaccines will be advanced to inmates of the 501st in Bayamón after recommendation of the CDC

Photo: CyberNews

VILLALBA – The Secretary of Health, Dr. Carlos Mellado reported on Friday that the vaccination of the inmates of Institution 501 of the Bayamón Regional Prison will begin after a recommendation from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) after a COVID-19 outbreak among the correctional population.

“They are going to provide rapid tests and obviously vaccinate all employees and the entire correctional population,” Mellado said to questions from the press.

“The analysis we were doing with the CDC was if you could vaccinate those patients who tested positive who are asymptomatic, the CDC said yes, you have to vaccinate them all,” he added.

He explained that the vaccination process will begin in the Bayamón Regional Prison where the outbreak of 143 inmates occurred.

“Certainly, of course, we are going to go to all the prisons, but the rush right now on 501 to stop the contagion,” he said.

In addition, Mellado mentioned that patients will be identified so that they can be treated.

An outbreak of COVID-19 was detected in module 1 of institution 501 in the Bayamón Regional Jail that affected 143 inmates, as confirmed on Monday night by the designated secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DRC), Ana Escobar Pabón.

It established that two of them are confined in a hospital institution. The remaining 141 inmates remain asymptomatic, as reported.

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