June 15, 2021

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Program targets property tax evaders

The Municipal Revenue Collection Center (CRIM by its Spanish acronym) launched the second phase of Skala, an agency appraisal program, to assess the value of 239,000 properties identified through an aerial photographic effort in 2017. The properties lack appraisals and tax registration, and, in many of them, the CRIM cannot identify the owner.

The photography database has around 515,505 properties with improvements that the agency plans to appraise for tax purposes and approximately 25,951 pools that have not registered in the agency.

“We know the properties are there, but many of them have changed (their commercial or residential classification) or have undergone improvements. Instead of raising taxes, what we want is to widen the tax base, ”said CRIM’s Executive Director, Reinaldo Paniagua Látimer, during a press conference held today in CRIM’s headquarters in San Juan.

CRIM announced the acquisition of the Skala program last April to target property tax evaders. The program’s second phase will use cross-reference techniques with other government databases and personal visits to assess property value based on CRIM’s mediation tables. Among other objectives, CRIM will identify structural add-ons, among other possible changes to the size of the property that could alter tax estimations.

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