January 22, 2021

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CROEM ALUMNI announces that it joins the campaign in support of the permanence of the Arecibo Radio Telescope

“We do not agree with the decision made by the National Science Foundation and we urge everyone to express their support for the permanence of the Radio Telescope,” said Nazario Torres.

Mayaguez – The Executive Director of CROEM ALUMNI, Wilson Nazario Torres reported that the Executive Committee of the Association of Graduate Students of the Residential Center of Educational Opportunities of Mayagüez, known by its acronym CROEM ALUMNI decided to join the scientific groups and organizations that request that it be reconsidered favorably the option of keeping in development the project of improvements and mitigation of damages suffered by the Arecibo Radio Telescope, better known National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC), sponsored by the National Foundation for Sciences.

“In a meeting held (not in person) with the use of the technology provided by the internet, the Executive Committee of CROEM ALUMNI unanimously agreed to join the management of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced to develop a media campaign that includes communicating with all the congressmen, senators, as well as the board of directors of the National Science Foundation all located in Washington, with the aim of avoiding the dismantling of one of the largest radars in the world, which is located in the city of Arecibo. CROEM students are aware that if the destruction of the “Arecibo Radio Telescope” takes place, the island of Puerto Rico would cease to be a power in the area of ​​scientific astronomical information, as well as one of the main satellite communicators par excellence at the level. world. We do not agree with the decision taken by the National Science Foundation and we urge everyone to express their support for the permanence of the Radio Telescope, ”said Nazario Torres.

The intervention of CROEM ALUMNI to favor a reconstruction project of the Arecibo Radio Telescope is due to the services that this scientific laboratory offers the island’s student population, especially to that specialized residential school with an emphasis on science, mathematics and technology, created to house high academic achievement students.

“We remind the population of Puerto Rico that we have been privileged to have the benefit of this radar on the island for almost 60 years, whose feats include being the tracking system for lunar missions, rocket launches into space and movement monitoring. In the universe. The Radio telescope Arecibo was the largest telescope ever built thanks to its 305 meters in diameter, until the construction of the RATAN-600 (Russia) with its 576 meter diameter circular antenna. It collects radio astronomical data, terrestrial aeronomy and Radar planetary for the scientists worldwide. Although it has been used for various uses, it is mainly used for the observation of stellar objects. There is no doubt that it helps the island’s public and private education system, including all of our universities ”, stated the Executive Director of CROEM ALUMNI, Wilson Nazario Torres.

CROEM ALUMNI is requesting help from its members who are located in key positions, especially in the Federal Government.

“As an interesting fact, the number one (1) school in Puerto Rico, CROEM is located on the grounds of Cerro Las Mesas in Mayagüez, headquarters of the old Radar Base of the United States Army Air Force, a place with a marked history in the times of the “cold war”. Since its foundation by Dr. Ramón Claudio Tirado in 1968, CROEM has used the Arecibo Radar as a laboratory and scientific aid for its more than 10,000 graduate students at this institution. Many of our students won awards and recognitions at Science Fairs with work related to the Arecibo Radar. In our efforts to help, we inform that we have about 2,023 fellow CROEM graduates in important positions in the United States and Puerto Rico from whom we are requesting help in this emergency project, whose objective is to reverse the disastrous decision taken in Washington ” , explained the Executive Director of CROEM ALUMNI.

“The need to request a reconsideration of the dismantling of the Arecibo Radar has led us to communicate with prominent members of the Federal Congress such as Congressman José Serrano from Mayaguez and Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez from Yabucoeña. We can say that we have received a good reception to our request, although we clarify that the reconsideration of this action that will affect Puerto Rico is in the hands of the National Science Foundation and not of Congress or the Federal Senate. We encourage parents, grandparents and citizens in general to contact the National Science Foundation (NSF) 703-292-5111 to let them know their support for the permanence of the Arecibo Radio Telescope.

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