July 28, 2021

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CTPR launches the series Musical Destinations with the Symphony Orchestra

The transmission of this jewel of Cultural Tourism, which harmonizes the presentation of the masterful Symphony Orchestra of Puerto Rico with beautiful tourist attractions on the Island, is now available on the social networks of the Voy Turisteando platform.

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SAN JUAN – The executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR), Carlos Mercado Santiago, announced today that the series Music Destinations of the CTPR, in which the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (OSPR) is the protagonist, is now available through social networks of I’m touring, the official platform for internal tourism in Puerto Rico.

The CTPR has established among its main objectives to increase the development of tourism that highlights the island’s cultural element and is one of the areas that distinguishes the destination, appealing to local tourists while also attracting those who come from abroad.

For this purpose, the CTPR Cultural Tourism Program was established, which began with the signing of the agreement in collaboration with the Corporación de Artes Musicales (CAM).

The Serie Music Destinations is created with the intention of promoting cultural tourism, through the interpretations of classical music pieces performed by the members of the OSPR framed in unique settings around the Island, which include the historical properties, museums and parks of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and other cultural organizations, such as the Puerto Rico Art Museum and Para la Naturaleza.

Music Destinations begins with the interpretation of the piece St. Paul’s Suite by Gustav Holst at the Casa Blanca Museum in Old San Juan.

Some of the next locations that will be highlighted in the video series are the Fortín San Jerónimo in San Juan, the Casa Cautiño Museum in Guayama, the Cabezas de San Juan Reserve in Fajardo, the Camuy Caverns and the Puerto Art Museum. Rico, among others.

This campaign seeks to attract the large number of tourists who prefer to carry out cultural activities when they visit the Island

“With the Musical Destinations series we express the specific approach of our Cultural Tourism Program, with which we propose to highlight the virtues that distinguish our culture and that act as an element of great value to promote the development of the tourism industry and the economy of Puerto Rico. We are satisfied with the collaborative work carried out with the Corporación de Artes Musicales (CAM) and the Instituto de Cultura de Puertorriqueña, which resulted in the magnificent series Music Destinations in which the masterful musical chords of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra perfectly harmonize with the spectacular natural and cultural settings that Puerto Rico offers to local tourists and those who visit us, ”said the executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Carlos Mercado Santiago.

On the other hand, the administrative coordinator of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Yabetza Vivas Irizarry indicated, “In Music Destinations We exalt marvelous destinations of patrimonial legacy that our country has through the artistic excellence of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. It is a fresh proposal that I have had the privilege of designing and producing together with a great team of colleagues, thanks to the sponsorship of the Tourism Company. We live in a beautiful country with a cultural heritage worth representing and this project merges both enclaves as pillars for the sustainable development of our people ”.

“We are proud to be able to present the beauties of our historical heritage built up through this campaign with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra and the Tourism Company. The combination of music with our museums, parks and historical buildings is the best letter of introduction to stand out in the whole world. We invite all people to enjoy the arts, culture and history that we have as a people, ”said Carlos Ruiz Cortés, executive director of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

From its premiere, Music Destinations will present a new musical composition and a new stage every Sunday at 4:00 pm. The videos, which were recorded in cinematographic format, highlight the charms of Puerto Rico, its natural beauties and, above all, its built-up historical heritage.

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