April 13, 2021

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Cuban couple reinvent themselves amid the pandemic | PRESENT

Like many in Puerto Rico and in the world, Enrique Ramos was left without work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, together with his wife, Enedy Figueroa, they reinvented themselves and created their own business.

They sought to mix the two cultures that unite the family, the Puerto Rican and the Cuban. That's where Chicharritas are born.

In Cuba Chicharritas are what is known here in Puerto Rico as platanutres. This couple decided to sell fried plantain along with other foods and in just months they have reached a large part of Puerto Rico and parts of the United States.

“Chicharritas are local foods, fried and mixed. It has yucca, sweet potato, taro and banana, ”said Ramos.

The young couple collects orders every so often through the business's social networks, then they take out one day of the week to prepare all the orders. The average weekly order is around 200, as Ramos explained.

“The first thing we do is try to get local groceries, buy from small merchants. When we have them we go through the process of peeling them, cutting them, frying them. All foods have their different process when frying them. Then we pack and they are ready to sell ", explained to EL VOCERO Figueroa.

As a result of the coronavirus, the process is more rigorous in order to avoid contamination of the products. At the time of peeling, cutting and frying food, they both wear masks and gloves. Likewise, when they pack the meats and make their deliveries.

"We are following all the protocols of the Health Department to be able to bring the product with the best possible quality," added Ramos.

Ramos and Figueroa are committed to continuing to support to other small traders and farmers to continue increasing their production. Therefore, they urged all farmers to communicate with them through their social networks so that they can purchase their products.

In fact, Chicharritas already have collaborations with other local products such as Wepa Box, a company that is dedicated to exporting local products in a box.

For more information on this local product, you can communicate through Chicharritas' social networks at @chicharritaspr.

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