April 11, 2021

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Culebra becomes the 77th municipality with confirmed cases of COVID-19

More than three months after the start of the emergency, Culebra became this Wednesday the 77th municipality with confirmed cases of COVID-19 after the Department of Health [19659003] reported a case validated through molecular testing of the virus on the island municipality.

Until now, Culebra only had two probable positive cases of the disease.

Given this, the island municipality of Vieques is now the only town in the country with no confirmed cases of COVID-19 although it does have 23 probable positive cases registered.

Health defined as probable death that death of a patient who was diagnosed with COVID -19 through a serological (non-diagnostic) test or that your doctor recorded death using clinical criteria when evaluating symptoms. While confirmed deaths involve people who tested positive for a molecular (diagnostic) test.

Similarly, the term confirmed positive case refers to infections whose results were validated by a molecular test. Likewise, the probable case refers to that positive result for the disease obtained through serological testing.

For two weeks now, both Vieques and Culebra have been receiving visitors after the Maritime Transport Authority extended the boat service to non-residents of the municipal islands under security measures.

According to Health data, San Juan is the municipality with the most confirmed positive cases (307), followed by Guaynabo (104), Carolina (104 ) and Bayamón (103). Likewise, the capital dominates the statistics of probable positive cases with 665 infected, followed by Bayamón (322) and Carolina (235).

The confirmed positive cases of the virus in Puerto Rico add up to 1,729, while the probable positive cases are 5,808 . Deaths from the disease remain at 153.

This outlet contacted the mayor of Culebra, Iván Solis, but at the time of publishing this note, there was no response.

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