July 28, 2021

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Culminates The Entrepreneurs College Tour | government

Over 340 students from various university campuses completed the initiative "The Entrepreneurs College Tour" of the Youth Development Program (PDJ) of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), and the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico. [19659002] The secretary of the DDEC, Manuel Laboy Rivera, said that “the project that began in January in person through the University Chapters of the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico, in the precincts of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, University Polytechnic, and the University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla campus, among others, switched to virtual mode at the end of March, so that the university students and the community benefit from motivational and business talks. "

He assured that" young people They have great business ideas and often give up on developing them because they have no mentoring in the process. Through this initiative to which we contributed 8,000, we fulfilled the commitment of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, since they participate in talks on leadership, motivation and entrepreneurship. ”

This is the second year that the Youth Development Program The DDEC carries out this initiative in which 710 university students have participated.

Through the program the young people interacted with businessmen, who shared their experiences undertaking.

For his part, the director of the DDEC Youth Development Program Roberto Carlos Pagán Santiago highlighted that “this project represents alliances with organizations and different sectors to maximize our reach and bring all development opportunities to Puerto Rican youth. Young people with great aspirations, eager to undertake and who are still in their training process. We are here to help and guide you in this process through this and other initiatives. ”

The president of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, José Ledesma, commented that“ this is in principle what you, our university chapters they did under the leadership of Daniel Resto. You put in the hands of your constituents the information that will lead you to responsible and effective entrepreneurship. You have been a magnificent resource for the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Rico, bringing innovation and creativity in each of your projects; which, by the way, were very many to summarize in a few words. ”

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