January 21, 2021

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Culture and its importance to the government

The Association of Museums of Puerto Rico (AMPR) publishes a report on the country’s cultural situation and summons aspiring governors to dialogue on the subject.

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San Juan – The Association of Museums of Puerto Rico (AMPR) announces the publication of a report on the cultural situation of the Country and invites all citizens to debate with the candidates for governor called “Culture and its Importance for the Government.”

The event moderated by the writer and cultural journalist Tatiana Pérez Rivera will be broadcast on the AMPR’s Facebook Live platform, @AsociacionMuseosPR, next Thursday, October 15, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

As a consequence of the challenges presented by the exceptional situation of COVID-19, the Board of Directors of the Association of Museums of Puerto Rico (AMPR) determined to assume the responsibility of joining the possible efforts to give visibility to the particular needs they are experiencing, not only the museum community in Puerto Rico, but all sectors of the country’s artistic and cultural endeavors.

To that end, he had the initiative to convene the creation of the Art and Culture Committee within the People’s Social Task Force (CAC-TFSP), recognizing the need for the cultural sector to integrate multisectoral movements for political action.

The TFSP is a third-sector effort that was convened to address the crisis of the pandemic and that carries out advocacy efforts from a broad perspective of human rights and with the recognition of various vulnerable populations and the discrimination that Puerto Rican society builds.

Over the past seven months, the AMPR and the CAC-TFSP convened a series of meetings and three “public hearings” disclosed through the Facebook Live platform, achieving broad participation that exceeded 15,000 people.

What was discussed in all these meetings served as the basis for the preparation of the Arts and Culture Sector Report that presents an eloquent X-ray of the current situation and its most pressing challenges from those who go through them first-hand: musicians, visual artists, writers , dancers, artisans, filmmakers, theater workers, academics, educators in fine arts, conservation architects, librarians, and museologists, among other cultural actors.

The objective of the work carried out by the AMPR was to direct a representative work agenda for the plurality of the cultural sector and the different geographical regions of the Country.

The agenda of these meetings was directed with the purpose of becoming a permanent effort to be materialized not only from the Association of Museums of Puerto Rico, but from an organization of advocacy in creation that will serve the interests of the sector and that is called the Puerto Rican Alliance for the Arts.

As stated by Marianne Ramírez Aponte, President of the Association of Museums and Facilitator of the TFSP Art and Culture Committee, “the work agenda that we proposed includes short and long-term goals. Strengthening the cohesion of the cultural ecosystem to overcome its invisibility in the context of the pandemic, conceiving concrete proposals that enhance our integration into the State’s response strategies, and contributing to the social and economic recovery of Puerto Rico are some of them. This is essential to overcome the multiple challenges we face, to be effective in advocating, promoting, educating, formulating and advocating in the establishment of cultural policies and in raising funds that ensure the viability of the cultural ecosystem and a better quality of life for our people. artists, as a community that has to be recognized as highly vulnerable. “

After evaluating the general situation, the Board of Directors decided to organize this forum with the candidates for governor, with the purpose that the voters have the opportunity to know first-hand and evaluate the ideas, positions and proposals of each one of them.

Prior to this day, the candidates for governor will receive a copy of the Report so that they can take informed positions.

The Report of the Arts and Culture Sector has the input of leading figures in the cultural sector and education in the arts that include Carmen Dolores Hernández, Raquel Vázquez Varela, Lolita Villanúa, María del Carmen Gil, Jorge Ortiz Colom, Zulma Santiago, Quintín Rivera Toro, María Elba Torres, Mayra Santos Febres, Llaima Sanfiorenzo, Emilia Quiñones, Javier Hernández, Raquel Torres Arzola, Abdiel Segarra Ríos, Grisselle Soto Vélez, Shirley Padilla, Vanessa Vachier, Pedro Reina, María Teté García, Guarionex Morales Matos, Daniel Alejandro Tapia and Marianne Ramírez Aponte.

The report contains the written presentations as well as links to the video documentation of the public hearings. This can be downloaded or consulted online free of charge on the AMPR website, www.asociacionmuseospr.org.

You can register for the debate at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2SFQOy4NS4OXyCf2mA8_YQ.

For additional information about the event, you can consult the social networks of the Puerto Rico Museum Association on Facebook as @AsociacionMuseosPR, and Instagram and Twitter as @museos_pr.

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