January 22, 2021

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DACO affirms that “Black Friday” flows well

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) took to the streets early to, as usual, take a look at the sales of the so-called “Black Friday”, with the difference that this year there were no long lines at the entrance from stores due to COVID-19 prevention measures.

The secretary of the DACO, Carmen Salgado, announced on social networks that no irregular situations had been reported in the morning that entailed fines to the establishments visited.

“We have not seen rows. We have seen trade compliance with disinfection. We have seen educated consumers, complying with the distancing protocol, “Salgado, who was at Sam’s Club, on Kennedy Avenue, told El Nuevo Día.

Although she acknowledged that it has been an atypical “Black Friday”, the headline said that this has been to the benefit of the consumer, as the specials were published in advance and online sales increased. He also indicated that televisions and game consoles have been the most requested items.

In its communication on Twitter, the DACO urged consumers to call 787-722-7555 to clarify any questions or report irregularities.

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