May 15, 2021

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DACO inspects liquefied gas filling and distribution centers

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SAN JUAN – Personnel from the Division of Weights and Measures of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), visited this Tuesday, liquefied gas filling centers to ensure compliance with the regulations on licenses, labels and functionality of the scales, in addition to the regulations of quality and safety required for these processes. They also visited gas cylinder retail stores to review the products and verify that they match the advertised weights.

“As an agency, we have outlined a work plan that allows us to address the issue of liquefied gas from different bases. The operation that began today will be extended for the next few days, and is part of the inspection and monitoring strategy that we have established since January of this year in order to ensure the rights of consumers with respect to this product expressly declared as of first necessity ”, affirmed the secretary of the DACO, Edan Rivera Rodríguez in written communication.

For his part, the metrologist, Abner Cotto, who is one of the members of the Weights and Measures Division in charge of the operation, explained that “these tours allow us to verify that the establishments comply with the current regulations regarding filling and marketing. of gas cylinders, such as the obligation of every company to use the services of an authorized public weigher to determine the tare and net weight of the product, and that the labels reflect its content ”.

In addition to the operation that began this morning, in recent days DACO inspectors visited liquefied gas retail sales and distribution centers, in order to verify the consumer sales prices of the different presentations of the product.

“We are adopting with liquefied gas a modality that we have had with gasoline for years, which are monthly surveys. This allows us to verify how much the product is being sold to the consumer, who is the one we have been obliged to protect, and it gives us more inputs to identify surprising or inappropriate behavior in the market, ”asserted Rivera Rodríguez.

The monthly survey of liquefied gas for the month of May identified, as average prices, of sale to the consumer, 17.54 dollars for the filling of the cylinder of 17 pounds; 18.57 dollars, for the one of 20; and $ 99.16 for the 100-pound one. For new cylinders, average prices were $ 59.68; $ 62.06 and $ 215.95, respectively. The breakdown of average prices by region is available on the DACO website,

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