July 29, 2021

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DACO office closed in Mayagüez due to positive case of COVID-19

The regional office of Consumer Affairs Department (DACO) in Mayaguez temporarily closed after an employee tested positive for a molecular test for COVID-19, reported today the secretary of the agency, Carmen Salgado.

The employees who were in contact will be performing the test in the next few days, while the tasks will be carried out remotely.

“On Monday a disinfection process will be carried out in the Office. Similarly, a screening will be carried out of those people who could be in direct contact with the infected person, although the task carried out by the employee is not necessarily attending to the public “, highlighted in written statements.

He added that, “consumers will be able to make inquiries or send confidences through the website www.daco.pr.gov or by calling 787-722-7555 ”.

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