June 15, 2021

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Daily horoscope for April 24: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

A Taurus New Moon arrives in the skies this Friday. This astrological event waxes in the early evening sky and is auspicious for your horoscope

After a brief flurry with Red Planet Mars, the silver crescent has only happy news for you.

This is because the Moon forms a Sextile with Neptune before creating a Trines with Pluto and Jupiter.

This combination involves a lot of earth signs.

You can be forgiven for being preoccupied with maximising earthly pleasures at this time.

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Pluto’s influence is hogging the astrological stage at this point.

The distant planet has been been piling up the tension, keeping it was bottled up and this has now reached breaking point.

You can consequently expect to really need to let off some steam tonight.

Jupiter has the final word, thankfully, and that might put a positive spin on an otherwise difficult situation.

The gas giant magnifies whatever it touches of course, meaning it could also make a bad situation worse.

However, every cloud comes with a silver lining and you would be lying if you did not recognise yours tonight.

Pluto will station tomorrow and the tide will turn.

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