August 4, 2021

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Damas de Ponce Hospital to discuss uptick in COVID-19 cases

The Ladies of Ponce Hospital will gather four doctors from the institution tonight in a discussion to discuss the rise in cases on the Island, the situation of the hospitals, the new restrictions through the Executive Order and how to avoid the contagion.

In the conversation, Dr. Pedro Benítez, medical director of the Hospital and Hospital Association, Dr. Nilda Zapata, infectious disease, Dr. Jessee Alemán, pulmonologist, and Dr. Miguel Magraner will participate, director of Internal Medicine and member of the Southern Task Force, as moderator of the panel.

In addition, the group of professionals will analyze the statistics and versions of contagion through air conditioning, crowding, and visits to doctors, procedures , different perspectives on the start of classes, events and the possible vaccine.

In the activity, journalists will be given access through the Zoom platform, who will be able to ask questions. In addition, questions from the public will be addressed.

The dialogue will be broadcast live through the Facebook and YouTube platforms and WPAB AM.

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