August 1, 2021

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David Bernier sends message the “day after a loss”

The former candidate for governor for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), David Bernier, published today some expressions in reference to the “defeat” of the current candidate for the kettle, Charlie Delgado, in these elections.

“The day after a defeat is always a difficult time. Having made the maximum effort, we have to accept the opinion of the people and the will of God,” he said.

Bernier said that “time heals” and that defeat, of which he is familiar after losing to Ricardo Rosselló, must be accepted “without reproach or resentment.”

For the former candidate, “you don’t need a political position to serve the country,” and he called this defeat a possible “great opportunity for your life.”

Finally, he said that this message was written for those who lost because the winners “have plenty of compliments.”

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