June 18, 2021

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DE informs that virtual classes begin on January 11

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The secretary of the Department of Education (DE), Elba Aponte Santos, reiterated that classes for the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year will resume on Monday, January 11, 2021, while the school staff will start working from Friday, January 8.

“We are very happy and excited about the beginning of the second semester of school and, for me, it is an honor to work with it first hand as a secretary. Initially, the classes will be in distance mode, but we will work with a detailed plan together with the Department of Health and the National Guard for the vaccination process against COVID-19 and thus be able to reopen schools in a staggered manner and, on everything, safe for our children, youth and staff. It is a responsibility that I assume with great firmness and determination ”, expressed Aponte Santos in written statements.

Classes in the public education system continue in the distance mode, mainly through the Teams platform, so the secretary urges parents or guardians to have the username and password at hand.

In turn, the secretary recalled that from January 11 will begin to generate and send the Academic Progress Report of students via email. The submission will be by grade, starting from the primary level and continuing with the secondary level. It will take an estimated five days to be fully submitted. Parents or guardians must verify that the email that was registered in the Online Registration platform is available to receive the grades.

“It is also important to mention that you can contact the school if by January 15 they have not received the report card or if you have any questions about it,” he added.

In the event that parents do not receive the notes, they must notify the school and the principals will establish their individual plans for the delivery of notes in person, safeguarding virus prevention measures.

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