August 4, 2021

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De la Cruz celebrates 35 years becoming the most creative agency in Puerto Rico

The Cruz agency, affiliated with the international firm Ogilvy, commemorated his thirty-five years of service in the communications and advertising industry at the peak of creativity as one of the most awarded agencies globally. As reaffirmed by the most recent recognition that places de la Cruz as the # 1 agency for creativity in Puerto Rico according to the recently published list of Crema .

The classification received in Crema is granted by the renowned Adlatina media outlet. The “ranking” measures the most creative agencies worldwide and de la Cruz was placed among the 17 agencies that led Crema in Ibero-America this year.

The Crema methodology is based on a score assigned by awards obtained according to the classification of the most prestigious festivals in the world. These include the festivals of Cannes Effie, The One Show, Clio, El Sol, Fiap, El Ojo and Wave, among others. After analyzing festival by festival, the “ranking” of the most awarded agencies in the area of ​​creativity and effectiveness that make up the advertising cream in the region is established. It is in these renowned contests that de la Cruz managed to position itself as the leading creativity agency in Puerto Rico with 430 points, the result of all the awards and recognitions obtained during the year.

“To become part of Crema is without a doubt a great honor that fills us with incalculable pride. The result of the creative work that we have been transforming during the past year is the main reason that inspires us to celebrate these 35 years of service, uninterrupted commitment and constant evolution towards our business partners. This is the spearhead for the continued expansion of our role in the industry, "said Carlos Thompson, president, de la Cruz.

For his part, Rafa Reina, executive creative director, indicated: " Belonging to Cream is an unmatched recognition. It's unique. It is the sum of the recognitions received thanks to the commitment, vision and dedication to achieve the best business results. Pride is too great. Entering this prestigious list is a dream achieved that becomes the best motivation to continue forward, to take on new challenges, to build new ideas and reap great achievements. ”

De la Cruz, emerged 35 years ago thanks to the concern of a visionary and committed man, René de la Cruz, said Carlos Thompson. He added that "the agency carries his last name and although all of us who are part of the group have different last names, we all carry the same cross on our chest with great pride. It was this introspection that led us to work on the evolution of our graphic identity in the face of this significant celebration, but with an eye toward the future. The new logo is based on the values ​​that frame the agency from its beginnings, the family tradition and the Caribbean culture to which we belong in a high philosophy of work and commitment to our business partners and the community. "

The logo also appeals to connection, closeness and even touches on the subject of time to reaffirm that important and constant evolution that has been the key to success during all these years, explained the agency's president.

, René de la Cruz, founding partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors highlighted that “in all these 35 years we have always worked hand in hand with our clients in order to offer creative and effective business solutions. Above all, we have been able to evolve at all times to be at the forefront, to surprise our business partners and highlight our leadership in the industry as reaffirmed by the latest recognition of Crema. ”

Before the start of a new decade and facing To the new reality of the industry, de la Cruz focuses his attention on maximizing the resources offered by technology such as data and digital innovation combined with the talent and ability of an excellent group of professionals to continue evolving and conquering the objectives and proposed goals.

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