June 15, 2021

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December 28: April Fools Day

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Every December 28, April Fools Day is celebrated, a date that It has two types of celebrations that are quite antagonistic to each other, although apparently they are related.

It is a day that Christianity adopted to honor the memory of the children who died during the mandate of King Herod, who in his eagerness to prevent the newborn Jesus of Nazareth from living, sent the soldiers to kill all the children children under 2 years of age who were in Bethlehem at that time.

On the other hand, on this date it is customary to play jokes that are intended to deceive people and make them see that they have fallen for them as innocent.

For this reason, on this day it is common to see the media publish or tell false or exaggerated news, or call friends to tell them some non-existent event or other lies, to, after a good time, tell them the truth with phrases such as: “You fell for innocent“Or”may innocence be worth it“, Accompanied by laughter.

In the church the liturgy of the day is held and many priests use the color purple as a symbol of sadness for the groans and cries of the innocent. Although the exact origin of this commemoration is not known, it is possible to establish that it is quite old, since the prayer and the date of the Day of the Holy Innocents is in the Gregorian Sacramentary, whose compilation was made at the end of the 8th century.

As for the celebration with jokes and laughter, some authors affirm that this tradition corresponds to the fact that the Day of the Holy Innocents was associated with the Feast of the Fools, which was held between Christmas and New Years during the Middle Ages.

The party was a way of expressing disagreement and protesting by means of mockery, the situation they lived within the churches. This festival was present in many countries such as Germany, France, England and Spain until the 16th century. And even today there are some parades and parades.

Here are some of the jokes and silly things that are used to being made to the most unwary on this day. It is recommended that the jokes are in good taste and harmless for the person who receives them, whose only intention is to surprise them and have a fun time.

  • Placing a coin or bill on the ground for victims to try to pick it up. The detail is that the coin is stuck with glue and the bill is tied to a transparent thread that moves when trying to take it.
  • Send a text or voice message to a known person, notifying a situation or false news, as long as it does not cause harm or negative impact to the victim.
  • A pair of shoes and pants are placed in a bathroom stall. The person who is going to use the bathroom will think that it is busy and will think that someone is there, having to wait their turn.
  • Serve a hot or cold drink, such as juices, tea or coffee, and put salt instead of sugar.
  • Make a false call to a known or unknown person, identifying ourselves with a different identity.
  • Deliver an empty gift to a person and that when you remove the wrapping you will find a surprise: nothing!
  • Advance or delay the clock hours in a moment of neglect of the victim.
  • Placing a puppet or paper doll on the victim’s back, without her noticing.
  • Use a joke item sold in commercial stores, such as a fake hand, bags that simulate flatulence to place on a seat, fake excrement, among other funny items.
  • In recent years it has become very popular, by some newspapers, media and news portals, the publication of fake news on the front page, causing astonishment and disbelief among naive readers because of the unusual nature of the publication.

After making the joke, some of the typical phrases that are used to say to the victim or unsuspecting person are the following:

  • Innocent!
  • You fell for innocent!
  • Innocent little dove that you let yourself be fooled, knowing that on this day nothing can be lent!

Apart from the jokes and traditional festivities that are usually done to celebrate this day in a humorous and fun way, there are other options to commemorate the original reason that defined the emergence of this day according to the Catholic religion, such as the violent outburst of children by King Herod, upon learning of the birth of Jesus:

  • Support a good charitable cause aimed at the child population, through donations, volunteering and participating in solidarity in the activities that they are good at carrying out on behalf of children.
  • If you have any religious inclination, pray for mothers and fathers who have lost a child, or attend Masses and vigils for life held by the churches in your town to commemorate this day.
  • You can relax at home and enjoy a good and fun movie with your family or someone special.

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