May 12, 2021

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Declarations of the mayor of Ponce before the rebound in Covid 19 cases

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PONCE – Following is the message from the Mayor of Ponce, Luis Irizarry Pabón, to the people about the situation of rebound in COVID-19 cases:

For many years I practiced Medicine with great pride and responsibility. Becoming mayor of the Stately City does not detract me from the precepts of safeguarding lives. It is necessary to maintain a healthy town in order to be productive in all aspects. In the presence of the COVID 19 pandemic, we have experienced a radical change in our ways of acting and living, to maintain the care of our collective and individual health.

Several weeks ago an upturn in COVID 19 infections began, the trend of which has worried us Health professionals, which has made us warn to prevent it from getting complicated and out of control and, in turn, to avoid deaths. A few days ago I shared the concern of President Joe Biden’s Health advisor where he warned that he saw an increase in contagion in young people and children, particularly of the British strain of the virus. This and other strains are already in Puerto Rico. Although many people have been vaccinated
and there is still no reason to lower your guard. We must take care of ourselves and take measures to avoid contagion. Furthermore, the virus has presented variants that lead to greater infectivity and possible complications.

It is necessary to adjust measures now before the numbers that are being presented and not fall into projecting a resolution that the virus is about to be controlled because, unfortunately, it is not the reality that is observed. During these next weeks and day by day, we must observe with strict care how this situation evolves because the life and well-being of our people are at stake. It is not about exaggerating or alarming, but in a preventive way and with great caution, anticipating and avoiding a lack of control that is tragic to our group health.

As a physician, I give my professional prevention and precautionary advice in the face of this rebound in the pandemic. As Mayor, I want the best for My People and I invite you to take the proper measures of care from your family and intimate nucleus and in turn, take care of yourself as a community and
as a people. We will take the measures and make recommendations to protect YOUR life and that of yours. Let’s take this seriously and not on a whim. In Ponce, we will be vigilant to continue taking care of our own because that responsibility belongs to everyone. Hug. God bless you.

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