April 16, 2021

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Demographic Registry calls for using digital platforms to prevent Covid-19 | PRESENT

The director of the Demographic Registry, Wanda Llovet, urged citizens who need documents related to vital events issued by the agency, to make use of digital platforms, as a preventive measure to the contagion of Covid-19.

“We continue to offer the service remotely, through digital platforms. We call on citizens to make use of them; they are reliable and safe, "said Llovet, who announced that these electronic mechanisms were implemented to avoid the lines and the crowds of applicants.

As indicated, the general public can request their documents by accessing the RenovacionesOnline platforms, PR.GOV and / or Vitalchek.

For inscriptions of vital events, such as births, marriages and deaths; corpse disposal permits, such as burial, cremation or transfer; applications for licenses to contract marriage and issuance of certifications of events of birth, marriage and death, the citizen must enter RenovacionesOnline.com .

The documents to be sent electronically for birth registration , they are the ones that in the hospital were certified as RD99 (Birth Registration), RD100 (Birth Report), ID with photo of both parents and the Marriage Certificate, if they were not married in Puerto Rico.

Once received and worked on the documents, through the same portal, the date of visit to the local office closest to the residence address is established, for the signature and certification of mothers or fathers.

PR.GOV and Vitalchech are also available to request the issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates, which will be sent by return mail.

For those people who prefer the method or traditional or who do not master technology, Llovet suggested requesting services through the postal mail by writing to the following address: PO Box 11854, San Juan, PR 00910-1854.

“Soon we will be coordinating the integration of a system of appointments, at specific times, to offer face-to-face services in our different offices. We hope to have it ready in the coming weeks. We want to guarantee the offer of services, within a safe space, both for visitors and for our employees, "said Llovet.

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