January 26, 2021

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Denis Márquez requests removal of Charbonier from the Ethics Commission

The representative of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Denis Márquez Lebrón, today asked the president of the House of Representatives to remove the representative María Milagros Charbonier Lureano from the Ethics Commission after the Supreme Court ruling that concluded violations of the Code of Professional Ethics and the Notary Law. Charbonier Laureano holds the presidency of the cameral body.

“As a representative and spokesperson of the PIP, and as a member of the Ethics Commission, it is untenable that whoever presides it is a legislator sanctioned by one of the constitutional powers, precisely, for violating various canons of the Code of Professional Ethics and violations of the Notary Law. Every day that Charbonier Laureano remains as president and as a member of the Ethics Commission, it sends the wrong message of impunity to the public and furthermore laments the battered image of the House of Representatives as an institution, "said Márquez Lebrón. [19659004] The independence leader specified that the Supreme Court ruling concludes, among other issues, that the legislator “failed in her duty of honesty both in the performance of her profession and in the present disciplinary process; and displayed a conduct that does not exalt the honor and dignity of the profession, "according to the court document.

Márquez Lebrón's request to the cameral president was by means of a letter sent today and in which he also requests that the legislator be removed from the presidency of the Legal Commission.


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