July 27, 2021

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Dennise Longo Quiñones on her dismissal: "they didn't give me a reason"

The former secretary of the Department of Justice, Dennise Longo Quiñones assured this morning that she was taken by surprise by the request for resignation made yesterday by Governor Wanda Vázquez through the secretary of the government, Antonio Pabón .

In a brief interview with El Nuevo Día, Longo Quiñones maintained that he did not meet yesterday with the first executive and maintained that he had no disagreements with her.

"It was a determination of La Fortaleza," Longo Quiñones replied to the indicate that Pabón did not give him a reason for the dismissal.

"I delivered the letter as requested," he added. “But I don't want to comment on anything else. I need to return to private practice and it was an honor to serve Puerto Rico, "he added.

Longo Quiñones resigned his position as federal prosecutor to accept the position of secretary of Justice.

" I want to limit what I put in the resignation letter ", Longo Quiñones replied when this media asked again about the alleged disagreements between her and the governor that were published yesterday by various media and journalists.

" They didn't give me a reason and you have to understand that yesterday was a professional and personally difficult day for me. I'm going to take my time and I'm going to limit myself to my letter. "he added.

In the resignation letter, Longo Quiñones limited himself to describing the achievements in the dependency and, around the resignation, He limited himself to confirming that he was asked to do so and that he will seek “new opportunities for professional growth.”

According to sources in El Nuevo Día Governor Vázquez did not want Justice to continue with the investigation she is carrying out on purchase of evidence for COVID-19 involving various officials of his administration. In addition, the agency conducts an investigation into the distribution of supplies by the Administration of Socioeconomic Development of the Family and alleged irregularities of its former administrator, Surima Quiñones. Said investigation splashes Senator Evelyn Vázquez, sympathizer with the governor's candidacy.

Longo Quiñones declined to comment on these investigations. In fact, she was inhibited from the COVID-19 investigation when her mother, the former Secretary of Health, Concepción Quiñones de Longo, was involved.

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