August 1, 2021

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Department of Agriculture celebrates the first Agrosectorial Conclave

The activity had the participation of 17 of the 18 presidents of the agricultural industry

Photo: JamieSanford / Visualhunt

San Juan – In order to provide a space to the representatives of each agricultural sector that make up the Department of Agriculture (DA), the first Agrosectoral Conclave was held on Wednesday.

“This served to listen to the concerns of all sectors and their comments on related issues of the Department. It is the first time that this type of activity has been carried out to give farmers the opportunity and equal time to express themselves and share their positions with other sectors, ”said the secretary, Carlos Flores Ortega in written communication.

The activity had the participation of 17 of the 18 presidents of the agricultural industry such as; bananas, Gary Meyer, bananas, José “Pepito” Fabre, eggs, Steven Benítez, chickens, Alejo Camacho, pineapples, Fernando Machado, coffee, José Torres, hydroponics, José Negrón, beef cattle, Juan Ponce and Agroempresarias de Puerto Rico, Genoveva Lozada.

In the same way, there was an exhibition of the fishing industry, Roberto Silva, Miguel Moya beekeeping, small ruminants, María Teresa, Semilleras, Sol Rosado, pigs, Néstor Maldonado, rabbits, Oscar Torres, fruit trees, Veni Martí and ornamentals, Héctor Santiago and Jeronne O’neill.

All organized sectors agreed on the growth that the agricultural industry has had and the need for labor in agriculture.

“Definitely the agricultural sector is one that is very vulnerable to all weather and environmental events. We have had great challenges and we highlight the management of each of the leaders of the agricultural industries to maintain the commitment to the island’s food safety. The most important thing is to look for all the alternatives to consume the product from here. That is the established goal of the DA ”, stated Flores Ortega.

The owner acknowledged that these types of activities serve to gather the feelings of farmers and seek all alternatives to improve operations.

The Department staff participated and it was moderated by the secretary himself.

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