July 30, 2021

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Department of Agriculture delivers laptops to agronomists

In compliance with the third phase of the Innovation Plan of the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico (DA), Secretary Carlos Flores Ortega today delivered 62 laptop computers and technological equipment to agronomists from all the Agricultural Regions of the Island in order to continue providing them with tools so that they can carry out their efforts and support their work processes with the integration of technology.

"The digital era has arrived at the Department. With the aim of streamlining the delivery processes and meet the demands on equipment for agronomists, we are satisfactorily complying with our work plan for the digitalization era, this is still achieved in times where there is a pandemic worldwide and with months that have been difficult for citizens, however, our approach must continue and thus favor all sectors. " Flores indicated.

The Secretary explained that this third phase, and fulfilling the commitment of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, consists of equipping all agronomists with the necessary technological equipment so that they can work in an agile, efficient and efficient way. instead generate savings while increasing efficiency. Furthermore, the Department has successfully carried out phases 1 and 2; stabilize the functions in the Office of Information Systems and the Implementation of a more robust telecommunications system, respectively.

The Holder noted that the investment was $ 160 thousand dollars and divided according to the needs found. The agronomists received; Dell Latitude 3500 laptops, Dell 24 "monitor, external USB DVD-RW Drive, Dell Docking Station, and 15-inch Pro Slim backpacks.

The computers and technology equipment were delivered to regional offices simultaneously in Arecibo, Caguas, Lares, Naranjito, Ponce, Mayagüez and Utuado, complying with strict prevention measures, the use of masks, social distancing and connected by videoconference through the Microsoft Teams application.

“Definitely with this delivery we provide resources and efforts to reactivate and maintain the economy. Responding to the urgent need and reaffirming our commitment. In turn, we must make use of the available technology to strengthen agriculture, increase productivity and enable us to generate more income, "he pointed out. [19659007]

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