May 13, 2021

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Department of Agriculture inaugurates the first robotic dairy in Puerto Rico

CAMUY – The Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico (DA), announced this Friday, the inauguration of the first robotic dairy farm in Puerto Rico, after the investment of $ 194 thousand through the Agricultural Investment Program. It is the automated robotic milking system A5 from the Lely company.

“We have moved to use the highest technology with the acquisition of a robot type machine that performs the milking process automatically on the cows. We continue to incorporate science and technology in order to develop strategies that promote higher yields and increased milk production in the livestock sector, “said DA secretary, Carlos Flores Ortega in written communication. Flores Ortega highlighted that the Carlos Espinoza dairy farm de Camuy was the first to receive and incorporate robotic technology into its daily operations, however, three other dairy farms in Puerto Rico will receive the machinery as it is a trend that will continue for the next few years.

“The Lely Astronaut A5 automatic milking system allows cows to enjoy freedom of movement and allows them to decide to milk themselves,” added the Secretary.

Likewise, this system has a limited number of fast and decisive electrical movements, which make it a low energy consumption system. The innovative hybrid arm, with greater reach and faster and safer coupling, reduces energy consumption and increases production by up to 20 percent.

DA continues to integrate modern techniques at the farm level so that farmers can be more efficient in their businesses. Lely is the pioneer in milking robots worldwide with over 45,000 systems installed and over 25 years of experience and is represented in Puerto Rico by IDEA Solutions, a 100 percent Puerto Rican company founded by Puerto Rican engineers trained to help you bring the livestock industry to the forefront with technologies and innovations that even allow you to monitor the performance and information of your livestock from a mobile phone.

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