August 4, 2021

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Department of Agriculture recognizes the work of rural women in their day

“The work of women in agriculture is incalculable, they play a leading role in the agricultural sector”, highlighted the Secretary of Agriculture

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San Juan – The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Carlos Flores Ortega, highlighted on Thursday, the role of rural women in his day, with the aim of recognizing the significant role they play in agricultural development.

“The work of women in agriculture is incalculable, they play a leading role in the agricultural sector. For this reason, it is important to highlight hundreds of women who live and work in rural areas, in production, and in land development. Likewise, it is essential to guarantee them access to agricultural resources so that they can carry out their work in the field, ”the secretary said in a written communication.

In turn, he added that the Department in keeping with the governor’s priorities has provided her with the tools and support so that they can carry out their functions.

“I have witnessed their individual and collective progress. We highlight your organization, being an example to follow. I am very proud of all of you, this group will not go out; it will be strengthened ”, highlighted the headline.

The DA created in 2018 the Women Farmers Program (PMA) promoting the participation of women in the agribusiness sector, for its integral development and making visible the transformative role of women in our Island.

The Program has 100 women farmers.

For her part, the director of the DA’s Women’s Program, Nancy Sánchez Villanueva, extended her congratulations to all the farmers, “I am a rural woman, and I feel very proud to be one. Agroempresarias de Puerto Rico has made me understand some areas that as an agronomist I had not experienced. They are warriors. They have been impacted by various events, however, they have been able to reinvent themselves in difficult times. I only have words of praise for the organization ”.

Sánchez Villanueva stressed that the key to success has been communication and mutual help.

Meanwhile, Genoveva Lozada, president of the Puerto Rico Agribusiness Association, indicated that “I feel very satisfied and they move me, the members are a wonderful group. We are fighters and we produce to feed our people. We are the ones who carry the commitment of the land in our blood. I am sure that we will continue to grow without stopping ”.

He also thanked the DA for help for all the efforts made in favor of the farmers.

Agribusiness women have been increasing in their activity and presence. Initially, the DA had only 5 percent. They currently represent 13 percent in the agricultural industry.

The recognition was carried out virtually, simultaneously connecting the agribusiness women.

For more information or to be part of the association, you can access or [email protected]

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