July 28, 2021

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Department of Education launches series of educational programs through WIPR

The Department of Education and the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting (WIPR) will begin, as of next week, to broadcast educational content programming as part of the “At home I learn” initiative, through which televised courses in basic subjects will be offered to students of all levels.

“At home I learn” will serve as a mechanism to strengthen the skills of primary level students and secondary, noted the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez . Through 30-minute or one-hour programs in which teachers from the public system will participate, children and adolescents will be able to review skills and learn new content in Spanish, English and Mathematics, although Fine Arts will also be explored , Science, Physical Education and Social Studies, said the official.

“The educational system has experienced impressive impacts, we have (hurricanes) Irma, María, we have earthquakes, we have a pandemic. This set of variables has influenced, to a certain extent, the possibility that some of our students and our families have not implemented the entire academic plan, "said Hernández Pérez.

" All these situations motivate us to have a tool for our children and youth in areas of greatest need, "added the secretary.

The production of educational programs will require an investment of $ 3.7 million in federal funds allocated to the island through the law federal economic stimulus to manage the coronavirus pandemic, better known as the Cares law. These funds were frozen for more than a month due to restrictions imposed by the federal Department of Education, an agency that last week finally authorized their use .

Educational programming will begin airing next July 1 and will run throughout the month, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am at 3:00 p.m., said WIPR President Eric Delgado. During this time, the programs will be transmitted through channel 6.1. After 3:00 p.m., the day's programming will be repeated on channel 6.3, Delgado said.

“WIPR has to return to public service. It has to give the people what is theirs and be able to give them what the community and citizens need most to be able to project in the coming years ”said Delgado, commenting that the educational programming that the channel has broadcast for many years years is not necessarily within everyone's reach as it requires cultural or historical knowledge to be able to enjoy it.

The undersecretary for Academic Affairs of Education, Aixamar González, explained that teachers of Spanish, mathematics and English, as well as young people with experience in theater, will star in the programs. In total 14 primary level teachers, 12 secondary level mathematics teachers and 5 secondary level Spanish teachers will participate. At least one of the programs will be interactive, since the students will be able to answer questions that will be available on the digital platforms of the Department of Education, explained the secretary.

This educational material will serve not only for public school students, since the secretary de Educación highlighted that students from private institutions can also benefit from the project.

Hernández Pérez indicated that this educational tool was not previously used due to the time required to plan the content adequately.

“Make a Television production is not something that can arise from immediacy. Similarly with the source of financing, "said the secretary, who announced that the so-called" tele-education "will be a complementary tool to the efforts that will be implemented next school year. At the moment, it has not been announced how classes will be offered next semester.

One of the programs, precisely called “At home I learn”, will be conducted by José Vega Santana, better known as the clown Remi. Another program, called “Lab Six”, will offer bilingual education and will include the participation of young artists who will use theater concepts to educate. The artistic director of “Lab Six” is the actor, director and writer Gil René Rodríguez, while its production designer is the set designer and professor at the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras Israel Franco.

“Los Niños Se Van to entertain, this is going to be a beautiful adventure, "said Vega.

The programming of" At home I learn "will be:

9:00 am- At home I learn

  • Program for primary level students with teachers from the public system and the clown Remi, in addition to guest characters.
  • Every day a different subject will be attended: Sciences, Spanish, Social Studies, English and Mathematics, as well as Fine Arts and Physical Education.

10:00 am- LabSix

  • Bilingual primary level program with a creative approach that will combine theater and music

10:30 am- Fit

  • Elementary level program to promote physical activity and health in students. It will be in charge of the Central American medalist in athletics and coach Andrea Zambrana.

11:00 am- Elementary level mathematics

  • Program to offer seventh and eighth grade courses

12:00 pm- Secondary level mathematics [19659004]

  • Program to offer ninth and tenth grade courses

1:00 pm- Mathematics, secondary level

  • Program to offer eleventh and twelfth grade courses

2:00 pm- Letra y vida TV, from book to television

  • Secondary level program in which five teachers will take students to contextualize classical works.
  • Films from the WIPR historical archive will be shown, such as "Bienvenido don Goyito", "La charca", "La llamarada", "Yuyo" and "Los cuentos de Abelardo".

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