August 1, 2021

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Deterioration and lack of security in Mosquito Bay in Vieques

Deterioration and lack of security are part of the findings detected during an eye view of the Tourism and Social Welfare Commission of the House of Representatives in the Mosquito Bay, in Vieques.

“The north of this visit is to examine how we can assist in improving the areas that comprise the beautiful and unique Mosquitos natural reserve in Vieques. We want to know, first-hand, how are your facilities, services to citizens and what we can do to improve them. Definitely, after the inspection, we need to look for real and viable alternatives to achieve full development of this ecotourism asset that Vieques and Puerto Rico have, ”Néstor Alonso Vega, who chairs that commission, said in written statements.

It was indicated that during the visit the community leader José “Junito” Corcino was present, who, along with other Viequenses, advocated for the restoration of the facilities in the bay.

“We listen to the residents of Vieques in their claim that Mosquito Bay is of great value to all, residents and visitors. It is imperative to conserve its natural beauty and improve its support infrastructure ”, added the representative.

Alonso Vega said in the coming days he will manage for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources to evaluate the cost of the rehabilitation of the deteriorated areas.

Mosquito Bay is one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico.

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