June 15, 2021

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Deterioration of facilities forces temporary closure of the central fire department

Central Building of the Fire Department, Photo Cybernews

San Juan – The secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Alexis Torres, reported on Friday the determination to temporarily close the central building of the Fire Department Bureau due to the deteriorated conditions in which it is located.

“Yesterday, staff from my office visited various units attached to the Bureaus that make up the DSP and informed me of the findings. After hearing the information they collected, I visited the headquarters of the Fire Department Bureau today to learn about their conditions first-hand, and I found a place that is not suitable for our public servants to carry out their functions. For this reason, I ordered the closure of the building and the relocation of the employees to other offices of the DSP, so that they can continue with their work in a comfortable place and above all, that does not threaten the safety of any colleague, “said the official in written statements.

The secretary explained that about twenty employees will report to the central offices of the DSP, where there is space available to carry out their functions.

Another group of employees will continue to carry out remote work, due to the nature of the tasks assigned to them and to preserve physical distance.

“One of our most pressing priorities is that each of our colleagues who belong to the DSP can work in a safe, healthy environment that meets established standards. In the same way, we continue to evaluate other structures that belong to or have been rented by the DSP, to determine their viability, cost effectiveness and other vital aspects for a healthy administration and above all, that our employees can be well “, detailed Torres.

On the other hand, the Fire Commissioner, Javish Collazo, indicated that they are working to improve the conditions of the building.

“In effect, we recognize that the conditions occupied by the Bureau of the Fire Department in Punta Las Marías are not the best for housing the administrative personnel. In the coming months, we will be developing a work plan, which we will detail later. We trust that it is carried out in an agile manner and that, in a reasonable period of time, employees can report to suitable and safe facilities ”, he concluded.

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