April 11, 2021

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Developer Says Puerto Rico Would Become A Big Ghetto If Incentive To Millionaires Is Removed

The Puerto Rican businessman Federico Stubbe warned that if the incentives of Law 22 are eliminated in Puerto Rico, the island will become a “great ghetto.”

The expressions were made during an interview on the television program Pelota Dura where, joining the debate on the law promulgated by former Governor Luis Fortuño, he opined that “if we want poverty in Puerto Rico, we are going to eliminate that (Law 22).”

Stubbe is an award-winning civil engineer founder and “Chairman” of Grupo Prisa, a development company that has been recognized for residential projects such as the exclusive community in Dorado Beach and the entertainment complex El District in Miramar.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the debate unleashed around tax laws 20 and 22 and their benefits for millionaire foreigners, several Democratic leaders such as Chuck Shumer, have proposed that federal funds destined for Puerto Rico be withheld until said status is eliminated.

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