February 27, 2021

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Dialysis centers closed in the face of the storm Isaías | PRESENT

Atlantis Health Care Group, dedicated to offering dialysis services and treatments for patients with kidney failure, activated its contingency plan for emergencies due to the passage of tropical storm Isaías and announced that all its facilities will remain closed today, so All the coordinated appointments were postponed.

"To guarantee the continuity of treatments for the dialysis patients who are treated in its 16 units, some appointments were brought forward for yesterday and others are being coordinated to be offered between Friday and Saturday," he reported. the president of Atlantis Health Care Group in Puerto Rico, Rubette Harford.

Among the recommendations to follow during the emergency are:

-In case of emergency, contact your nearest dialysis service center or your social worker.

-Follow the instructions given by your nutritionist related to your diet and fluid restriction to avoid relapses or co Applications.

-Keep with you your identification card, medical file, medications and any other important document.

-Watch for the official bulletins of the National Weather Service, the National Hurricane Center, as well as follow the recommendations offered by FEMA and the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration.

-Have your "kidney backpack" ready in case they have to move to a safe place, such as a family home or shelter.

The so-called "kidney backpack" must contain the essential items in case the electricity goes out or the patient has to move to a shelter or a relative's home.

The "kidney backpack" must include the Nutritional recommendations for kidney patients to help them manage kidney function properly as long as they can resume their dialysis treatments. Among the nutritional recommendations are:

Maintain a diet low in proteins that are of high biological value, to stay well nourished and healthy without producing excesses that cannot be eliminated until your next dialysis treatment.

Maintain a diet low in sodium. Eat foods with no added salt or low salt, rinse canned foods, and prefer to use spices rather than sodium-rich marinades to flavor your meals.

Avoid foods rich in potassium such as bananas.

Limit fluid intake at 16 ounces a day, half of what is usually recommended.

Recommended items for the "kidney pack":

-12 four-ounce cans of fruit (applesauce, pears, peaches, pineapple)

-A small box of wheat or rice cookies.

-A box of low-salt cookies.

-Two bottles of jelly, jam or honey.

-Three bags of sweets ( gumdrops, mints, fruit bonbons).

-Three cans of 85-213 grams of low-salt tuna or salmon or 156 grams of chicken or turkey with low-salt specification.

-A small jar of butter peanuts.

-A container of skimmed milk powder or a can of evaporated milk.

-A two-liter bottle of water.

-If you have diabetes, keep glucose tablets, sugar, sweets, fruit juice low in potassium, among others, on hand, for possible hypoglycemic events.

-In times of pandemic, have Gloves, disposable masks and alcohol to disinfect are available.

“After the event, operations will resume tomorrow, weather permitting. We urge citizens to remain calm and avoid putting their lives at risk, and to stay tuned to our social networks through Facebook / Atlantishgi for updated information on our services, "concluded the president of Atlantis.

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