August 4, 2021

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Discover Puerto Rico will seek to promote future travel plans and reservations

A key part of the DMO recovery strategy is to look for travelers who are profiled as responsible and careful, those who are willing to follow local rules.

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – During Discover Puerto Rico’s monthly industry update on Thursday, relevant data was shared from its research partner, Destination Analysts, showing that 56.4 percent of consumers are “ready to go,” and more than 40 percent expect their next trip to take place before the end of the year.

For this reason, the destination marketing organization (DMO) has adjusted its messages to “It’s time to plan” and “It’s time to book”, to meet travelers at the stage of the travel cycle they are in. This change is intended to instill confidence in travel and inspire consumers to start planning their next trip to the Island, while continuing to consult the travel guidelines.

“Despite the fact that the current executive order, which expires on October 16, prohibits the DMO from making marketing efforts to boost current demand, with the support of the Marketing and Sales Advisory Committee, on October 5 we began to slowly invest in means with the intention of promoting future plans and reservations. Our evolving strategy is focused on filling the demand funnel, with a strong focus on video, the reintroduction of OTT and social media interactions so that Puerto Rico is once again considered by travelers in the future. After rebuilding awareness, we will incrementally increase our investment in media and add layers in media to reach potential travelers who are actively seeking and planning their next trips, ”explained Leah Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Discover Puerto. Rich in written communication.

“Although the organization has not received funds for tourism promotion, the current promotion and marketing strategy is being supported by the reserve of funds in recent months. We have made tough decisions and reduced what we were investing in so we could help the destination and local businesses when the time was right, and that time is now. We are hopeful that we will eventually receive federal funds to help with advocacy, such as CARES Act funds or CDBG funds. No federal funds will be used for salaries, administration or general expenses, what we receive will be used with one purpose in mind, to help rebuild local businesses, ”said Brad Dean, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Discover Puerto Rico.

A key part of the DMO recovery strategy is to look for travelers who are profiled as responsible and careful, those who are willing to follow local rules. This will be done by using available research to determine additional targeting strategies to include in the media where efficient and effective.

Around the MICE segment (meetings, incentives, conventions and events), Discover Puerto Rico has organized more than 200 virtual trade shows, presentations and events, including the first virtual trade fair. A total of 60 leads have been generated in the July-September period to bring our total leads to 147 since March 16, when the restriction was implemented, which equates to approximately 140,000 rooms or $ 121 million in potential income. Through a survey completed by event planners, 97 percent said they intend to hold in-person events before the end of 2021, 46 percent estimate that they will occur in the first half of the year, and 75 percent of they would travel to the Caribbean to hold these events.

“We are inspired to see the commitment, determination and perseverance of our tourism industry. Our team at Discover Puerto Rico remains committed to ensuring that the best days of Puerto Rico’s tourism industry are before us, not behind, ”Dean concluded.

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