August 4, 2021

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Doctor does not recommend opening more businesses for the new executive order

With the proximity for the new executive order to be rendered ineffective, some groups are requesting that they continue to increase the capacity so that some businesses can operate, this despite the fact that health experts do not recommend doing so.

In an interview with Radio Isla, Dr. William Méndez, who belonged to the defunct medical task force of La Fortaleza, indicated that they do not recommend opening more businesses, and that they could favor continuing as we are.

“At this time we are recommending that more sectors not continue to be opened,” said the health worker, adding that “we can help us stay as we are with the curfew and the opening parameters.”

These recommendations emerge at the same time that the doctor assures that “there is a claim to increase space in restaurants, retail and gyms.”

Regarding the consensus between experts in health issues and business connoisseurs, Méndez assured that there has never been a consensus since “consensus is not a middle ground.”

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