June 19, 2021

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Does not specify when schools will open | government

Now that the process of vaccines against Covid-19 has begun for all teaching and non-teaching staff of public and private schools, the Secretary of Health, Carlos Mellado, indicated that he still cannot specify when there will be a face-to-face return to the classrooms .

He acknowledged that the reduction in vaccines that are arriving on the island will delay – even temporarily – the implementation of the vaccination phases. At a press conference today, he expressed hope that vaccines will start to arrive more quickly.

“We want a timely plan to open the schools. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that depression in children has increased because they are not in school. We do not have clear statistics on cases of abuse. Teachers are an important tool to identify that, ”said Mellado. “If you ask me when the schools are going to open, I can’t say.”

For his part, the Secretary of Education, Elba L. Aponte Santos said that they conducted a survey to find out how many of the 40,000 employees of the agency would like to be vaccinated. He said that of the 33,000 who responded, about 2,000 indicated that they would not be vaccinated.

“The percentage of people who want to be vaccinated is high,” he said. “The call is that everyone who can get vaccinated, do so.”

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