March 9, 2021

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Dozens of young people in Barranquitas are trained in welding

Dozens of young people from Barranquitas will become welders and entrepreneurs after completing a course that trained them in all the skills to perform these jobsannounced the mayor, Elliot Colón Blanco.

Through an alliance with the Consortium of the Mountain, young people from the municipality were identified to be part of this course offered by Central College UNF through the Local Area of ​​Labor Development of the Mountain.

In addition to the training, the young people received the basic welding equipment and an incentive of $ 400.00 so that they can start working and, later, they can become entrepreneurs.

“I am satisfied with the achievement of these young people from Barranquilla who today join the labor force performing functions as welders. They were offered all the tools and knowledge so that they can be skilled in this profession and have the ability to develop micro-enterprises in our town. Undoubtedly a great opportunity for these dozens of young people who want to develop ”, expressed in writing Mayor Colón Blanco.

The mayor added that the municipality is part of the Consortium of the Mountain and together with the other towns that comprise the consortium seek to develop training and strategies that create jobs and, in turn, allow business development.

“We will continue to identify programs and grants that are of benefit to our young people. There is an immense flow of people from Barranquilla with good projects that deserve our full support ”, concluded the municipal executive.

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