August 4, 2021

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Dredging of the Coamo River ends, continue in Yagüez, Guamaní and Dique de Arecibo

Members of the 190th Engineering Battalion of the Puerto Rico National Guard (GNPR) completed the cleaning and dredging of the Coamo River, which would mitigate the impact of floods that affect adjacent communities in times of rain.

“Part of the mission of the Puerto Rico National Guard is to support municipalities and their communities in emergency situations. In this case, we have completed the work that improves the Coamo River’s water channel, which has a positive impact on the communities in the area, ”said the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, José J. Reyes.

“We began on August 26 with 21 Citizen-Soldiers, this being one of four similar projects that we are carrying out on the island during 2020. This work provides a great benefit to the residents of the area, since the possibility of flooding in the area by improving the riverbed ”, he continued.

The works in Coamo included the cleaning and dredging of over 400 meters of the river bank in the Vega Puente area on the PR-14, which has a width of over 50 meters and the dredging and cleaning of over 300 meters in the area. of the Turkey Bridge, on the PR-556, with a width of 25 meters.

The GNPR continues work on the Yagüez river in Mayagüez, where 1.8 miles of river are being dredged in a 437-meter width from the Balboa Street bridge to the 102 Sur highway bridge.

“Work on the Yagüez River began in early August and has been the longest,” Reyes said. “We all witnessed the effect of the flooding of this river on the surrounding communities during the passage of Tropical Storm Isaías. We saw how hundreds of families were affected by the flooding of the river due to the constant rains that fell in the area. The GNPR reacted during the emergency by helping to save lives. Now we seek, together with the municipality, to mitigate the problem caused by sedimentation, debris and vegetation that runs through the river basin that crosses the city of Mayagüez ”.


The GNPR, together with the Guayama municipality, will soon be carrying out this same type of operation in the Guamaní River.

Similarly, starting this Saturday, October 17, the GNPR Engineering Battalion 130 will begin mitigation work on the water channeling dam in the Víctor Rojas 1 neighborhood of Arecibo, in which its rupture in recent rains caused floods in said neighborhood.

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