June 12, 2021

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Driver results with multiple bullet holes

Mayaguez – Police reported on Wednesday that around 12:30 in the afternoon a gunshot wound was reported on the PR-2 highway in Mayagüez.

According to the police report, while the driver of a red 2004 Nissan Frontier bus was traveling along the aforementioned road, an unknown person, from another moving vehicle, fired several shots at him, resulting in multiple bullet wounds in different parts of the body .

The Uniformed said they did not know the identity, but it is presumed to be a man of about 43 years.

It was reported that he was taken to the Mayagüez Medical Center where the doctor on duty diagnosed that his condition was of care.

Agent Leslie Candelaria from the Homicide Division appeared at the scene, together with personnel from Mayagüez Technical Services who work on the scene.

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