March 1, 2021

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Driver tries to run over police in Condado

A serious assault on a member of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau was reported to the authorities this morning on Condado Street, in San Juan, in front of the Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.

Agent Pedro Mateo, attached to the Calle Loiza precinct, noticed a vehicle that was driving against traffic on Condado Street and stopped it. The driver of the vehicle ignored it and continued driving the vehicle negligently towards the agent, immediately afterwards, the agent, feeling that his life was in danger, repelled the attack using his regulation weapon. The driver fled the scene. The make and model of the vehicle is unknown.

More information will be provided later.

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Sergeant Yahaira Díaz of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps appeared at the scene, who took charge of the investigation together with Agent Valentín from the Specialized Division in investigations of incidents of use of force.

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