February 27, 2021

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Drought continues for much of the Island

We are still dry.

The tropical waves that move through the Puerto Rico area have not caused the downpours necessary to reduce the severe drought experienced, mainly, by the municipalities in the south and east half of the country.

Today, the United States drought monitor indicated that 22.44 percent of the island’s territory is severely dry.

“Planting is delayed; ranchers are feeding the cattle; hay is scarce and the agricultural sector is suffering. Trees and plants show stress and strict water rationing is implemented, “indicates the Drought Monitor about what it means to be under that category, the third on a scale of five.

Much of Puerto Rico is abnormally dry.

However, this percent shows a small reduction compared to last week when the severely dry area was 26.11 percent.

Just for the entire Sierra de Luquillo area and the eastern end of the Cordillera Central drought is at a moderately dry level. This level is characterized by the risk of forest fires and low levels of water bodies. 54.69 percent of the island falls under this category.

Precisely this area is the one that feeds Lake Carraízo, which this morning continued to lower its level. Today, rationing begins for those who use this lake the low level 0.10 meters to reach 37.02. This is control level, the category that remains before the reservoir is out of service.

Situation in the reservoirs of Puerto Rico as of July 2, 2020.

The same occurs with Lake Cidra, which shows a decrease of its level and it is already in Operational Adjustment. The rain deficit for the area has caused these dangerous levels.

Meanwhile, the abnormally dry area is estimated today at 73.20 percent.

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