May 14, 2021

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DSP remembers victims of 911 and recognizes the work of rescuers | government

As part of the commemoration of the 19 years of the terrorist attack on the United States, the Secretary of the Department of Public Security, Pedro Janer, participated in a memorial ceremony with the commissioners of Emergency Management and Firefighters.

“September 11, 2001 is a date that marked the history of the United States and changed the way we handle emergencies. Our rescuers, firefighters, as well as search and rescue specialists were available to extend a helping hand by participating in response efforts. and recovery. Puerto Ricans are characterized by our solidarity and empathy with those who face difficult situations and the support in the recovery of the incidents that occurred 19 years ago are an example of the courage, detachment and commitment of our first responders, “said Janer.

For his part, NMEAD commissioner Nino Correa Filomeno recalled his experience being part of the group of 50 first responders who traveled to New York City to work in the so-called ground zero where the Twin Towers were located.

“In life there are experiences that mark us and the terrorist attacks reported in several cities in the United States are only part of them. In the midst of uncertainty, fear and pain, we have always been motivated by being able to help families to reconnect with their loved ones or to be able to say goodbye to that family member they lost in such a sad event. Each of the officials who were in that place, we remember with nostalgia and much feeling what we lived there, “he stressed.

Correa Filomeno recalled that the group was made up of 35 rescuers, 15 firefighters and 3 dogs specialized in search and rescue. Meanwhile, the Fire Commissioner, Alberto Cruz Albarrán, recognized the commitment of the members of his Bureau.

“Our firefighters have always been that support for the community in difficult times. Every day, they risk their lives to save others. In September 2001, a group of colleagues left for New York City together with Emergency Management personnel with a Clear mission. Many of those colleagues still work in the Bureau and continue to give the extra mile for the community. I recognize and admire the dedication, sacrifice and dedication with which they have always carried out their work, “he said.

In the midst of remembrance events, the start of a chaplaincy program was announced that will extend to NMEAD areas to provide emotional and spiritual support to those in need in times of emergency. During the activity, the chaplains were formally introduced and received the credential that identifies them as part of the NMEAD Chaplain Corps led by Pastor Eric Ríos.

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