June 15, 2021

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DTOP extends sale of tags in authorized inspection centers | government

The designated secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) Eileen M. Vélez Vega, today signed Resolution No. 2021-003- “To Extend The Validity Of Authorization For The Sale Of Tags 2021 In Official Inspection Stations”, where authorizes the sale of the 2021 tags until January 31 of the current year.

This order is reportedly issued due to the high demand for 2021 tags at authorized inspection centers.

With this resolution, the need for drivers to renew the labels of their motor vehicles will be met.

The current regulation of the Department of the Treasury # 7831 of March 29, 2010, determines that an inspection center has until December 31 for the sale of tags for the current year, with this extension, the center has until January 31 of 2021 to give drivers enough time to fulfill their responsibility.

The resolution extends the term and empowers the authorized inspection centers to dispatch the 2021 tags, to be used in the current year, during the month of January and in this way meet the citizens’ need to comply with the provisions of the law.

“From the first day in the agency, I have held meetings with DISCO personnel and representatives of the authorized inspection centers. We have made great strides in addressing the situation and we continue to work on implementing initiatives that help us meet the needs of our drivers. With this resolution, we address first-hand the need we have to give citizens enough time to acquire the labels, ”said Vélez Vega.

“We continue to be vigilant to immediately attend to any situation regarding the dispatch of the tags. The situation with these stamps was limited to the 2021 labels, which expired in December 2020, but not with the 2022 labels, the sale of which is proceeding with complete normality and without any inconvenience, ”he said.

The 2022 labels can also be obtained at Authorized Inspection Centers, commercial banks, collectives and cooperatives at the time of their expiration.

Likewise, each driver has the benefit of obtaining their vehicle license using the CESCO Digital application. For motor vehicles that have been acquired for two years or more, it is a requirement to obtain an inspection of the car, before purchasing the label.

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