June 15, 2021

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DTOP will return overpaid money in amnesty | government

The Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) announced that the money will be returned to all people who overpaid during the validity of the Accelerated Payment of Traffic Fines Act, identified by citizens as amnesty.

After a review carried out by the DTOP, 384 people (0.49%) were identified to whom the system applied a lower discount than they were entitled to or did not apply any discount.

Given this finding, the secretary of DTOP, Carlos M. Contreras Aponte, requested that the Department of the Treasury make all efforts to return to these 384 people the money that, in essence, they overpaid.

"First, I have to thank the Secretary of the Treasury, Francisco Parés Alicea, who quickly ordered that steps be taken to return the money to citizens who paid more than their fair share of the amnesty. Specifically, 296 people received a lower discount than they were entitled to, while another 88 did not even receive any discount. All of them, unless they have already made a claim in their bank and received the corresponding credit, will be reimbursed the excess money paid, by credit to the card used to carry out the transaction. This process will begin tomorrow, June 29, and could take up to 2 weeks, "reported Contreras Aponte.

During the term of the amnesty, and which ended on June 22, 78,632 citizens paid a total of 305,625 fines. 99.51% of these citizens received a 15% discount on their fines and up to 100% discount on surcharges, as required by law.

In terms of dollars and cents, the Department of the Treasury will return these citizens $ 59,436.30 in amounts ranging from $ 27.00 to $ 1,700.00. This is equivalent to 0.3% of the $ 19,666,856.00 collected through the Internet and CESCO Digital payment systems.

Refunds or credits received by citizens in their bank accounts or credit cards, will be identified with transaction number 4549444600005 and the text Department of the Treasury – DTOP.

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