November 27, 2020

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DTRH replaces face-to-face appointments at the Convention Center with telephone appointments

To reinforce appointments additional to those already being scheduled internally at the San Juan Convention Center, the secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos J. Rivera Santiago, announced that unemployment.turnospr .com will be available starting tomorrow, Thursday, July 9.

“This system will help us to coordinate the appointments that were made in person at the Convention Center. At the same time, our team continues to coordinate appointments daily internally, attending to the oldest cases to date. It is an additional alternative to streamline the processing of applications in a virtual way, which also prevents citizens from being exposed to conglomerations at these times when increases in coronavirus cases are registered, "explained Rivera Santiago.

" We want to make it clear that around 5,000 weekly calls are being generated to attend to the situations that have arisen in the claims. In turn, with this initiative we will be incorporating the so-called "walk-in" in a more agile and effective way, "added the head of the Work.

In this initiative a total of 300 daily appointments will be available, covering from August 3 to August 14, initially. Once the spaces are exhausted, a new date will be established for the opening of other additional spaces that will be from August 17. The claimant will be able to choose the day and schedule his appointment, the system will send him a confirmation through his email or text message at the same time that he will offer him the approximate time in which they will be communicating to assist him.

To have Access to the platform must enter the following link: . Once you enter the portal (1) press the button to make an appointment, (2) then you will fill in the following information; name, surname, email, cell number, provider or mobile unit company. (3) Select the date within the available spaces, (4) confirm appointment and (5) and then you will be receiving an email and / or text message with your confirmation. On the day of your appointment, you will be receiving a phone call to attend to your case.

It is important that the claimant, at the time of selecting the date of his call, have all the documents at hand to complete the process of claim.

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