June 24, 2021

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Eager to meet her audience again | Stage

The interpreter Milly Quezada is in the best disposition to get back on stage, although a “little bit fearful”, as she is among the vulnerable population before Covid-19.

“More than cautious, I am a little bit fearful because I am hypertensive and prediabetic, conditions that predispose me to a greater danger of contagion. But I am a believer, I have faith in God that this will happen and with precautions I am in the best disposition to work and take my music wherever I am required, "confessed the artist in an interview with EL VOCERO .

La She keeps her quarantine at her home in New Jersey, along with her children Anthony and Rafael, her daughter-in-law Tara and her three-year-old younger granddaughter Ella.

“We are sheltered here until this terrible thing happens. My younger brother Martín lives next to me and my sister Jocelyn half a block away, but we are obedient to the distancing. We see each other from afar and share a meal to cheer us up, "said the 65-year-old vocalist.

Her last live show, before the pandemic broke out, was in Puerto Rico on February 27 to commemorate the independence of her native Dominican Republic, in Placita Barceló, in Barrio Obrero, in Santurce.

“He had a busy schedule this year and he fell. I live off my savings and we are currently budgeted because we are workers in this trade. Artists aware that times have changed, we have to be more proactive in social networks because they have their benefits, "he added.

For now, if there are no changes, on December 12 they have two presentations on Puerto Rican soil. [19659002] “I am a war man! I am ready to present the much-needed joy. Singing on the internet is not the same as having the audience in front of you, even at a safe distance. The reopening to the artists will touch us among the last, but we are in line and people are eager to receive joy because the day-to-day struggle cannot be overcome without music, "he said.

For now, he shares his energy in the single Gracias a ti, authored by his son Anthony Vásquez.

“It was born as a result of that impact Anthony and I had from the special Ángeles de blanco, from the newscast by Alicia Ortega, from the group SIN dominicano. She dressed in white to enter intensive care and see the vicissitudes that the patient goes through and the difficult tests that the medical class lives, putting their health and their relatives (due to the novel virus) at risk, "she said.

Musical applause to the doctors

The video combines images of doctors and patients, with those of Quezada singing outdoors. The latter were captured by Anthony with a cell phone, on the grounds of a residence on Long Island, in New Jersey overlooking the Hudson River and The Bronx, "where many lives have been lost to the Covid-19." The lyrics were recorded in their home.

“We Caribbean people needed a happy, positive meringue, giving our musical applause. Everything that is collected from this video and the song contributes to the Caminantes por la Vida Foundation, which is fighting to help cancer patients (in the Dominican Republic), "he said.

The coronavirus blinded the life of his brother-in-law, Pastor Fausto Arias, husband of Jocelyn and who was a trombonist for both when the neighbors formed.

“In the case of my brother-in-law we did not experience the good ending, but we must be grateful. When my sister heard the song, tears came to her eyes because she recognized that during those 12 days that he had been fighting this disease, he received dedication and calls from doctors because she couldn't go to the hospital, "he summarized.

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