May 15, 2021

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Early morning with numerous tremors – First Hour

A new wave of tremors shook Puerto Rico this morning, and although they originated again in the town of Guánica, one of the most affected by the recent seismic activity on the island, at least one of they were felt by citizens in far southwestern locations such as Bayamón, Old San Juan, Orocovis, and Guayama.

The National Weather Service in San Juan indicated that a 5.3 magnitude tremor was felt at about 2:45 am Today, but soon after they indicated it was 4.9, citing information from the United States Geological Survey. No tsunami threat was generated.

For its part, the Seismic Network indicated this morning that there were five tremors, one of them, the 2: 43 am of intensity 4.8, this 6.42 kilometers from Guánica.


After that there were four others of less intensity: one at 4.37 to 5.68 kilometers from Guánica at 2:45 a.m .; another followed at 3:30 a.m. 3.53 to 6.04 kilometers from Guánica, another from 3.25 a.m. at 5:35 a.m. 7.76 kilometers south of Guánica and one more at 6:15 a.m. 3.49 to 7.67 kilometers south of the same municipality.

There were reports from citizens on social networks who say they felt it from many places on the island, including some posting videos from social networks in sectors such as Hato Rey, in San Juan.

Mayors in the most affected area such as that of Guayanilla, Nelson Torres Yordán, quickly tried to contact their fellow citizens and, at least on social networks, the expressions were more of a scare than of affected structures or injuries.

Puerto Rico has been feeling numerous tremors since December 28, some like the January 7 6.4 intensity causing destruction in residences, buildings, churches and structures.

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